Designing an Ad: The Basics

  1. Log into your account and then click on Design.
     If you haven’t done so already, purchase an ad. For instructions, please read Purchasing Products.

a. Click on the Design button (which will change to Edit or Submit, if you have accessed your ad previously).

  1. Pictavo Community’s Ad Design Tool will open.

a. If you wish to use a pre-designed template that you can use “as is” or modify once the template has been dragged onto your ad, click on the Art panel then Templates.

• Choose your desired ad template and drag it onto the ad design space.

b. You can also design your ad from scratch, simply drag and drop photos, text, backgrounds, shapes and accents onto your ad. 
You may use the entire space provided to design your ad.

  1. To upload images, click on Photos then Upload at the bottom of the photo panel.

  1. At any time during the ad creation process, you can Save for later and come back to complete your design. You’ll want to make sure that you submit your ad before the school’s deadline!
     Please save your work often (every 15 minutes or so) to make sure your work is saved in the case of interrupted internet service.

  2. Share your ad with another family member to proof for any errors or just to show off the product of your creativity. Follow the instructions in this article to share your ad.

  3. Once you are finished with your ad, Send To Yearbook

a. You will see a message asking if you are ready to submit your ad to the yearbook staff.  If it is complete, click the check box, indicating you have proofed your ad, and click Yes.
 Once an ad is submitted, you must contact your school to make any additional edits.

b. Congratulations! Your ad has now been submitted to the yearbook staff at your school!