All About Art

What is art? Backgrounds, Templates, and Accents - basically, anything that Pictavo’s design team put together to help make your design process easier is what we call Art.

To access all of the art libraries, first click on the Art menu button.

In this menu, you'll see all the types of art available - first on the list: Templates

Think of a template as the foundation or starting point for designing your ad. The Templates menu presents a variety of options all created by Pictavo’s design team, just drag and drop onto the design space.

A: Look for a template that contains the same number of photos you intend to use in the ad.
B: Use the magnifying glass to preview a template then click in the shaded area to dismiss. 
C: Once dragged onto your ad, you can adjust any object within the template – change the color of shapes, add a different background, or even rearrange the entire design. Click here to discover how to customize a template.

Now, let’s take a look at Backgrounds. This menu is very similar to the Templates menu: containing backgrounds professionally designed by us.

A: Drag and drop backgrounds onto your ad, don’t like it? Drag another and it will replace the previous one.
B: Use the magnifying glass to preview the background then click in the shaded area to dismiss.
C: Colorable Backgrounds offer the most flexibility - allowing you to apply any color from the Pictavo color picker. More details below…

Now that you're probably getting a feel for how we organize things, we'll just introduce you to the other types of the art:

A: Accents are pieces of art that Pictavo’s design team has built to complement a design. They are sorted into albums to easily find what you’re looking for.
B: Drop a basic, colorable shape onto your page to use as a design element.
C: Photo Boxes are simply a shape that holds a photo. Your photo will be cropped into whatever shape the photo box you've selected is.
D: From the Colorable shortcut on the main Art level, you can access ALL colorable backgrounds and accents. 

It's easy to spot Colorable Art  - there will always be a little color wheel nearby to indicate what elements are colorable.

Add Colorable Art to your page just like any other element: drag and drop. Colorable Art will always appear black when dropped onto your page. The Effects menu will automatically open so you can easily choose whatever color you'd like this element to be.

If you choose to change the color later, click the Colorize box to open Pictavo's color menu.

In this window, choose whatever color you'd like your element to be. Not only can you choose a color, but the saturation and lightness or darkness of the color can be adjusted here, as well.

Once you've chosen a color, your design element will turn to this color.