Managing Images in the Ad Designer

1. To upload images, open the Photos panel and click Upload.

2. This will open up the file chooser on your computer. Navigate to where the photos are stored, select them, and then click Open.  

a. You can also place photos directly onto the ad just by dragging and dropping them from your computer. In a separate window, open the folder where photos are stored to drag and drop onto the design space for the ad.

3. The images will appear in a low resolution form as you are editing the ad. This allows the design area to load faster than it would if the full image resolution was displayed. You can check the resolution by viewing the bottom of the Properties menu .  We recommend 300 DPI, but it should not be lower than 200. When an image is truly low resolution, a red exclamation mark will appear in the top left corner, as shown below. 


4. If you need to delete an image, first remove the photo from your ad.

a. You can delete  the image

b. Or remove  the image which will leave a photo frame behind.

c. Then, click the delete button that appears below the image in the Photo panel.