Shopping Multiple Schools

To purchase products from multiple schools, you will need to add the items from each school to your cart.  If you already have an account, log in before you shop to speed up the checkout process. 

  1. Click on Find Your School which is also the home page of Pictavo Community.

  1. Choose the city, state, and school name from the drop-down menus–then click Let’s Go.

a. Or, if you know your school’s ID, enter it here and then click Let’s Go.

  1. Click on the Shop My School image

  1. Click on the Add to Cart button near the product you would like to purchase.

  1. Enter the student’s name and grade you are purchasing this product for and click Next.

  1. If you are ordering a personalized yearbook, before entering the student’s name and grade, you will need to enter the personalization details requested (e.g. the name as it will appear on the Cover) and then click Next.
     The requested details will change depending on the personalization option offered by your school.

  1. Your cart will open on the right side.

a. To locate a different school, click Find Your School and repeat steps 2-6.  

b. If you aren't purchasing anything else, click on the check box to agree to the Pictavo Terms of Sale and Check Out.

  1. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to log-in, create a Pictavo Community Account (if you don’t have one already), or Check out as a Guest. Choose one and click Select to proceed.
     The Check out as a Guest option is not available if you are purchasing a recognition or business ad.

  1. Enter your billing information and press Next.

  1. Take a moment to read the delivery message from your school and click Next.

  1. Then enter your payment information and click Next.

  1. Verify all of the information is correct and click Submit Order.

  1. The details of your order will display and you can print out a receipt or save it as a PDF.

a. If you created an account, you can also refer to your order history and print a receipt at any time.

If you purchased an ad, go to My Stuff to design it. Remember to pay special attention to your school’s deadline for accepting ads! For more information about designing an ad, please read through Designing an Ad: The Basics or contact Pictavo Support at 800-290-0036 or