Submitting your Ad

Please pay special attention to the school’s deadline for ad submission so you aren’t rushed to submit (or forget to create and/or send it in on time!)

Determining Your School’s Deadline

  1. To determine when the school needs to receive your completed ad, log in to Pictavo Community and click Design.

  1. To the far right of the thumbnail, you will see a deadline date.  

a. If the specified time is "See School For Date", please reach out to the school to determine the deadline.  

b. You’ll also want to reach out to the school if the ad deadline is passed so you can see if it can be extended. 

How to Submit

  1. Log in and click Design (in the top right corner).

  1. Select Edit or Submit.

  2. Click Send to Yearbook Staff (found immediately to the right of the save button).

  1. Select the check box indicating you have proofed your ad, and then click Yes to submit the ad to your school’s yearbook staff.
    Once an ad is submitted, you must contact your school to make any additional edits.