Uploading an Ad designed outside of Pictavo Community

Ads created in programs outside of Pictavo Community can easily be uploaded as an image and then dropped onto the ad space before submitting. Your ad needs to be saved as  a JPG, PNG, TIFF, or PDF file. To upload the ad into Pictavo's Ad design tool, follow the steps below.  

1. You will need to log into your account and then click Design.
 If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to purchase the ad first. For instructions, please read Purchasing Products.

a. Click the Design button which will change to Edit or Submit, if you have accessed your ad previously.

2. Upload your design by clicking Photos then Upload at the bottom of the photo panel. Keep in mind that the maximum file size of any uploaded image is 10 MB. 

3. Drag and drop your design into the ad design space. Adjust the size of the image to make it fit the entire space always paying close attention to the DPI warning to ensure your image looks its best!

a. To add anything from the Pictavo Community art library (accents or backgrounds) to your design, click on the art panel and drag and drop the art onto your page. 

4. Save changes and name your ad.

5. Once the design is complete, Send to Yearbook

a. Select the check box indicating you have proofed your ad, and then click Yes to submit the ad to your school’s yearbook staff.
 Once an ad is submitted, you must contact your school to make any additional edits.

b. If you are not ready to send your ad to your school’s yearbook staff, click No. You can return to your ad for fine-tuning at any time but keep an eye on your school’s ad deadline to avoid missing it or last-minute issues.