Working with Templates

Choosing a Template

When picking out a template, keep in mind that you can adjust any element within the template – change the color of shapes, add a new background, or even rearrange the entire design. Try to look for a template that contains the same number of photos you intend to use in the ad. 

  1. To use a template drag and drop the design that you want onto the design space. 

  1. If you want to use a different template drag and drop a different design. Choosing Yes to the question about clearing all page items will allow you to start fresh with the new template, and remove all objects that were on your ad previously.  


Customizing a Template

Templates can serve as a starting point if you’re feeling creative. Once a template is dropped onto your design space, you can modify any of the elements.

  1. Add or remove objects as you see fit by selecting and clicking the delete button in the contextual menu.
    In the example shown, we added a colorable background and deleted the red rectangle from the original template.  

  1. Adjust the size and placement of any objects you wish, including photo boxes. Grab the handles (boxes appearing at the corners of an object) and drag to resize an object or use the four cardinal arrows to move an object.
    In the example shown, we adjusted the sizes of both photo boxes (gray boxes) to fit the images we plan on using. 
    It is easier to adjust a photo box before adding an image to it.

  1. To replace a background, drag and drop the background. Each time a background is added, it replaces the previous background. 

  1. Change the color of shapes and colorable objects that appear in the design, just select and adjust the color swatch from the Effects panel . Borders can also be adjusted from here.
     The object isn’t colorable if the Effects panel color swatch is disabled.

  1. Change the font, weight, size and spacing or alignment of any existing text. Double click in the text box and the contextual menu containing text settings will appear. 


  1. Save your changes and name your ad.